Social Media Etiquette Rules For Guests

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  • Don’t jump the gun if you know your sibling, best friend or work colleague is about to announce their engagement. Let the happy couple be the first to broadcast the news. Putting their information on social media before they announce it is a great way to steal somebody’s thunder.
  • Make sure the couple are comfortable with you posting on social media. At the couple’s request, Celebrants have asked guests not to film or take shots of the wedding ceremony. This may simply be something they want to do first, or they just might want you to ‘be in the moment’ and enjoy the ceremony without taking photos.
  • (if the couple don’t mind) Don’t post photos before the bride has even reached the altar/front. While you may be excited to start sharing your photos in real time, remember that the couple may want to release images of their wedding first. It’s best to ask them ahead of the wedding so they can tell you if they would be happy with you posting images during the ceremony
  • Don’t get in the way of the official wedding photographer and videographer particularly at the Bridal party entrance. While you may be trying to get the perfect photo to post on Instagram or you’re filming the ceremony for your Snapchat story, it’s best to make sure you do not get in the way of the paid professional’s as you could hinder what content they capture.
  • Be guided by the Celebrant’s directions. They may invite guests to move closer to snap that intimate shot when Bride and Groom sign the Legal documents.
  • Use a private message for a private matter. If you have a query, complaint or question for the bride and/or groom, don’t ask or tell them on social media. Ask them privately.
  • Celebrants and couples always love feedback. If inclined, provide complimentary feedback- Google, Facebook or celebrants website (please-not a criticism on how the ceremony should have been done.)

(parts – courtesy Easy Weddings)

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