Baby Namings have traditionally been celebrated with a religious Christening but today many parents are preferring to celebrate this special event with a personalised Naming Ceremony. It allows parents the flexibility of including something special in the ceremony, their preferred time and who they want involved in the Naming Ceremony. I have many wonderful ideas that will make it so very special.

Godparents or mentors are chosen in a traditional role of supporting the parents and to affirm their relationship with the child, with a commitment to be good role models and to support them and the child throughout their lives.

Step children and adopted children can also be welcomed into their new or extended family with a Naming ceremony. A child may be of any age however the most popular age is usually between newborn and eighteen months.

There are no legal requirements for a Naming Ceremony

My services include:

  • Creation of a Naming ceremony reflective of your spiritual, cultural and family traditions
  • Unlimited contact- phone calls and emails
  • A wide range of modern ceremony resources and ideas.
  • Use of P.A (if required)
  • A complimentary booklet of your ceremony
  • Presentation Certificates for Parents and Godparents.

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